Bell 40D Articulated Truck


Boasting faster haul cycles and industry leading fuel economy, they move material at the lowest cost per ton of any comparable-size truck.

Best in-class payload-to-mass ratio gives you more power and agility to carry the load, for maximum productivity and profitability. What really sets these apart from other material movers is their ability to thrive on rough terrain, steep grades and mud. Try one to appreciate the difference.

Enhancements such as industry leading standards in fuel-efficient emission control, solid state electrical system and a spacious cab with refined controls give you everything you need to maximize up-time and productivity.

  • Established and reliable
  • The best-in-class payload-to-weight ratio means that more of your fuel cost is spent moving the material, not the machine - decreasing your cost per ton
  • Automatic retardation slows the truck when the operator backs off the accelerator pedal - for more confidence on steep grades and enhanced brake life
  • An industry leading, fully automatic six-speed planetary transmission with torque converter lock-up maximizes fuel efficiency
  • Electronic unit injection fuel system provides high injection pressures even at low engine speed for improved cold starting ability, low-speed response, and reduced emissions
  • Designed for heavy duty mining and equally at home in large construction
  • Standard on board weighing
  • Fully automated controlled traction differentials and transfer case diff-lock provide a traction boost in poor underfoot conditions
  • High-travel suspension keeps all tires in constant ground contact for optimum traction