X3 Series

Maximum Performance & Productivity

Maximum Performance & Productivity

High performance LBX Link-Belt X3 Series excavators have enhanced swing torque and acceleration, leading to increased lift capacity and drawbar pull. Improved cycle times and multi-function smoothness leads to increased productivity. Add it up and it equals more profits for you.

Designed for Experts

Your operators are experts - they know how to work the dirt, break the rock, build the road. Give them the "office with a view" they deserve. Keep their hands in control of the excavator, not fumbling around for switches and buttons. Protect their backs with a comfortable, adjustable seat in a cab that has expansive legroom. Keep 'em comfortable with multiple vents blowing the a/c or heat air they need. Keep them safe in a durable, ROPS-Certified cab. Our engineers even added a strategically-placed anchor bolt that ensures the cab remains firmly secured to the upper frame in case of a roll-over - Incredible! And, hey, let them jam a bit to their own music by plugging into the auxiliary audio jack on the am/fm stereo. This and so much more lets your operators know you respect their skills and hard work.

LBX Link-Belt X3 Series excavators feature a high-tech control station with a 7-inch high-definition color LED monitor (the same color monitor used in a certain high-end luxury car line) - but this luxury is coupled with incredible ease-of-use. The buttons are large and clearly labeled, making this control station functional as well as beautiful.

Exceeding Expectations

Link-Belt X3's are EPA CERTIFIED TIER 4A COMPLIANT and feature the most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly Isuzu engine ever used. An all new cooling package helps to keep the engine running cool and smooth while a redesigned cooled EGR system takes hot exhaust gases and cools it down so it can be mixed with fresh air before being reintroduced into the combustion process thus helping to reduce harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx). The new variable-geometry turbo (VGT) helps to keep the combustion process optimized during low engine rpm's and the addition of a diesel particulate diffuser (DPD) helps to reduce particulate matter (PM) to meet Tier 4a standards!